Turó Park zone: situated between the Hotel and Avenida Diagonal

Turó Park zone: situated between the Hotel and Avenida Diagonal

Enjoying the surroundings of Primero Primera Hotel in Barcelona is a true pleasure. Taking a pleasant walk of about 15 minutes makes it possible for the city visitors to immerse themselves in the magic and the charm that this area of Barcelona possesses, before ​​reaching one of the most symbolic areas of the city; the famous Avenida Diagonal.

On the way there from Hotel Primero Primera, you can find many places that do not go unnoticed and put a touch of tradition and history to this pleasant stroll. Going down Ganduxer Street, the first treasure will appear on the right. It is here that tourists can discover a little more about the history of the city and Teresianas School. This is a true architectural jewel built between 1888 and 1890 that reflects the imagination and ingenuity of a prominent historic figure, Antoni Gaudí.
Along the way, tourists will come across one of the most outstanding Italian restaurants in the city, Isabella's, a place where Italy is present in each and every dish and the hospitality of its staff invites people to stay for longer. In this intimate and cosy restaurant you can sample dishes such as "spaghetti with spider crab" or "ravioli al tartufo", true culinary treasures that no palate should miss out on.

After a delicious Italian meal the walk continues in Oriol Balaguer, a pastry shop that offers a paradise of sweet flavours made with the best products.

Walking a little further you can reach Semon, a grocery store with a long family tradition. A sea of possibilities from all over the world that give life to gourmet creations with which to surprise the most exquisite palates. Conserves created with Riojan vegetables, products from the Cantabrian Sea, spices and condiments from all corners of the world, a wide selection of wines and spirits, cheeses, deli products, as well as ready-to-go dishes, will delight anyone who decides to make a stop at this store.

In this upper area of ​​Barcelona, Turó Park appears as a true green lung, a park that dates back to 1912 when it was first inaugurated as an amusement park. Later it was remodelled leaving behind its centre of attractions. Currently you can find a wide variety of flowers and plants. This is a magical place surrounded by sculptures that bring personality and originality to this natural treasure.

Within an exclusive part of this park, you can find Luzio, a furniture store where you can find items from all the cultures of the world. Likewise, it allows you to enjoy a gastrobar, Iluzione, that offers quality food and drinks to all those people who want to try something new.

As you walk through the upper area of ​​Barcelona there is a fashion store called Jofré, one of the best shops to visit. Located in one of the streets that once belonged to Turó Park, it is the perfect place to find luxury brands in a pleasant and attentive environment.

Pau Casals Avenue connects Turó Park with Francesc Macià Plaza, which is joined by the famous Diagonal Avenue, one of the largest and most important avenues of the city. This will complete the stroll through the tradition and essence of a unique city.

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