The history of formula 1 in Barcelona

The history of formula 1 in Barcelona

On May 15th, the LX Spain Grand Prix F-1 will be held at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, a sporting event with a long tradition in the city.

Jesús del Pozo y LPS

The history of the F1 Grand Prix of Spain in Barcelona began in 1951 and 1954 on the street circuit of Pedralbes, a neighbourhood near the Primero Primera Hotel. In those years the Formula 1 circulated in the city at over 250 km / h speed and the route ran along Avenida Diagonal, Avenida de Esplugues, Avenida de Pedralbes, Paseo Manuel Girona and Numancia street.

1951 - Godia

In F1 races organised by Peña Rhin, Paco Godia, one of the best Spanish drivers of those times, participated in Barcelona, ​​with a Maserati. In 1954 he managed to qualify in sixth position. The winner of the first edition was the Argentine Juan Manuel Fangio with Alfa Romeo and in the second came the British Mike Hawthorn with Ferrari, which took 3 hours to travel the 505 15'52'' kms at an average of 156.378 km / h!

Montjuïc 1975 - Carlos Martini Brahbar Ford BT44B

After these first two races were completed, there were no more celebrations at the Grand Prix of Spain of F-1 in Barcelona until 1969, 71, 73 and 75. The organisers of the Peña Rhin gave way to RACC men who changed the location of the race to the street circuit of Montjuich. The track was very fast, difficult and selective, but the drivers preferred it. This ran through the Montjuic street which remains virtually unchanged. Most of the 1992 Olympic Game facilities are situated in this area.

1971 - Álex Soler Roig GP España

In 1971, Alex Soler-Roig, also born in Barcelona and familiarly linked to the saga of the Primero Primera. He participated in the GP with a team called March. The victory went to the Scottish Jackie Stewart with Tyrrell, covering 303 km in 1h 49'03'', at an average of 156.413 km / h.

1954 - Godia Fangio

In 1975, German Rolf Stommelen was involved in an unfortunate accident, and the high speed of Formula 1 cars were the main cause that made Barcelona lose out on the option to continue organising F1 Grand Prix.
Finally, in 1991 and after many difficulties, Barcelona fulfilled the dream of having a permanent circuit for this racing sport.
Anecdotally, the victory of the inaugural race at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya was for Barcelona's Luis Pérez-Sala Alfa-Romeo. And the first edition of the F1 GP was won by the British Nigel Mansell Williams-Renault with the distance of 307 km in 1h 38'42'' at an average speed of 188 km / h.

Victoria LPS Circuit - 1991

Since then, the Grand Prix of Spain F1 has continuously been held in Barcelona, and for the first time in 2006 the victory went to a Spanish rider, the Spaniard Fernando Alonso, who that same year would reach his second World Championship. During these years there have also been many participations from great Barcelonian drivers like Pedro de la Rosa, Marc Gene or Jaime Alguersuari, and the Spanish team HRT F1, managed by Luis Pérez-Sala. In this season, we are fortunate to have the driver Carlos Sainz.

Perez-Sala Primero Primera Hotel saga has been sponsoring the sport since the 50s, the date on which this establishment was first opened. Therefore, in many common areas of the building you can see photos of races that took place during these past 60 years.

Spanish Grand Prix F1/2012 - Barcelona 11/05/2012 - Pedro De La Rosa

Currently, another family member, Daniel Juncadella, participates in the German Touring Car Championship (DTM) (Campeonato Alemán de Turismos) within the official structure of the Mercedes Team.

A parallel story with an endless passion that we want to continue living for a long time.

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