Primero Primera, where history meets luxury

Primero Primera, where history meets luxury

What comes to your mind when you think about a building of 1955? Probably, the first word that pops up is old, old-fashioned. You might be right most of the times, but not with Primero Primera Hotel & Club in Barcelona.

This building has been carefully refurbished and everything has been thought to make it a special and comfortable place. This has been possible thanks to the Pérez-Sala family, who have owned the building for more than 60 years, and have taken care of it with love and passion.


History was always a big part of this renovation project. The Pérez-Sala family built this house and lived in it with its 8 children until 2011, when they completely renovated it and transformed it into the hotel & club it is today. The family, that has also always been strongly linked with motor sports, wanted to make sure this heritage wasn't lost during the refurbishment of the building, and that's what makes it so special. If you walk by it, you probably won't even notice it is a hotel; however, if you decide to enter, you will be in for a big and beautiful surprise.

Right when you walk in, you notice how Primero Primera is the opposite of a hotel chain. A small team will greet you and, as you go, you will see how every corner has been carefully designed, and how the attention to detail is a trade mark of the hotel.

In Primero Primera you will find everything you need and everything high-quality, but you will also find privacy and discretion in this home-like location, something quite necessary in a city as big and as populated as Barcelona. The hotel is located only a few minutes away by metro from the city center, in one of the best neighborhoods of Barcelona, Tres Torres, and away from the hustle and bustle. All this, paired with the beautiful surroundings, turns this place into a haven of tranquility in the Catalan capital.

Bar Honesto-Primero Primera

Luxury is not synonyms with opulence, at least not for Primero Primera. This is a signature hotel, which means it has high-quality elements combined with pieces like the grandfather's sofa, old pictures of the neighborhood, chairs that belonged to family members, and mirrors that are 40 years old. It's all about finding the perfect mix of old and new, using contemporary but timeless furniture. Another special touch is added by the rooms in Primero Primera. Since it used to be a house – and the family wanted to preserve the structure –, every single room is different in size and has a different decoration (even though they have the same style).

All the spaces in Primero Primera have been designed with good taste and elegance: the dining room, with great lamps and beautiful wall papers, that, along with the quality food, will make your meal perfect; or the garden, the best space to have a drink during summertime. However, one of the most beautiful and special areas is probably the Bar Honesto (Honest Bar). It likely is the coziest space in Primero Primera and the guests love it. Here, they can serve themselves a drink and enjoy the beautiful fireplace. The guests only need to write down what they have taken and pay at the end of their stay. The Bar Honesto truly makes you feel at home with its comfy sofas and blankets, and it also creates a friendly atmosphere of trust between the owners and the guests.

Primero Primero is not simply a hotel, it is a different experience in Barcelona, and you can discover it simply by booking a room. Do it through our website and enjoy all the perks and discounts of advance booking. Because you deserve it.

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